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Trained safely with our certified trainer at any time and location in Klang Valley / Selangor when we enter the transition to endemic phase of Covid-19. Let us help you maintain your exercise routine to keep you healthy, safe and fit from the comfort of your home/condo.

The main reason for the increased popularity of home fitness gym and exercise is a convenience. For any fitness program to be successful, it must be done on a regular basis and with proper guidance from a certified trainer to show you how to make the most of your exercise equipment and time.

For many, home or condo workouts are easier to fit their hectic schedule. No getting in the car and having to go to the gym. No traffic jams during rush hours in the heat of Malaysia weather. No standing in line to use the star climber. Then there is the comfort and safety factor too.

Privacy and cleanliness are also a big plus. No more having to lie down on the sweaty bench or wondering if you’ll catch athlete’s foot in the shower. At your home / Condo gym facilities, you can exercise without feeling as though you are being rushed or that someone is pointing the finger at you.

But the flexibility of time may be the biggest advantage. Today’s demanding work and family schedules leave little room for flexibility. Parents with children soon discover that exercising at home turns out to be the only viable alternative if they want to stay fit.

Once you have committed to getting started on a home fitness program, begin planning to find a certified personal trainer to get started to work with you either at the health club, your condo gym, or your home.

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Certified Trainer

Our certified professional trainer knows how to develop the right programs for aerobic exercise, strength training or a mixture of the two. Under the watchful eye of our trainer, they will make you sweat and strain while completing the workouts according to your best personal availabilities.


The lack of nutrition knowledge and poor eating habits can contribute to poor fitness, low energy stores and development of lifestyle diseases such as heart, cancer and diabetes. Therefore we will educate you when it comes to consuming the right foods to fuel your exercise performance.

Goal Setting

Goal setting and formulation of a plan with our personal trainer are the clearest ways of establishing a consistent program of exercise. These are also a powerful form of direction and motivation in order to achieve your personal health and fitness goal.

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All our trainer are certified by FITM, NSCA or ACE.


Our trainer has the knowledge to design a program for you around your equipment.


We help you to set a safe and realistic goals without promising unattainable results.


Our trainer will put in writting the workout methods and record all your progress and send to you every week.

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Work with our trainer & get real results.

Why Training

Balance Fitness

Many people who are starting their fitness training by themselves still believing in the old no pain, no gain methodology approach. They still think they have to lift weights until they are overtired and their bodies ache.

What those who hold to this outdated idea of fitness don’t realize is that using proper guidance from our certified personal instructor, anyone can build strong muscles, flexibility and develop a strong cardiovascular system in half of the time. We simply know how to unlock your physical potentials to the maximum when you join us for the fitness workouts.

Well, we have listed  3 core program for you to follow so that you can achieved a balance fitness. These are…

  1. Strength program
  2. Mobility program
  3. Weight loss program

Strength Training

This is one of the keys to physical fitness because your muscles are the engine of your body.


To be in total balance, it is important to have flexibility. By incorporating stretches into your fitness routine, you can prevent and elleviate most muscle soreness and strains.

Weight Loss

You should strive to burn 300-500 calories per exercise session. How your body loses weight varies depending on the type of the weight loss program you undertake.

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Client Testimonials

I used to exercise a lot at my condo but unfortunately, I didn't get the result that I wanted. It wasn't until I started to train with my trainer Damien and now I got awesome results. He seriously knows his stuff!


I highly recommend personal trainer Malaysia for anyone who is serious to make a positive lifestyle changes. My trainer is James, who is the one of the nicest person that I have ever met. If you are looking for a trainer to help you to reach your fitness goal, then you have found the right place.


The 3 months challenge has completely changed my body and heating habits. The trainer was very knowledgeable and very discipline. His tweaks and changes the training program that keep me om on the right track to lose weight without stressing. He has helped me to achieve my goal set from day one and it's totally beyond my expectation. Now I feel like going to the gym everyday!


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Get into the best shape of your life in just 4 months time.

Please feel free to talk to our consultant for a group plan 🙂

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