Strength Training

About Strength Training

Strength training is one of the keys to physical fitness because your muscles are the engine of your body. Consequently, increasing your muscle strength under the guidance of our trainer will build your muscular capacity to perform all kinds of physical activities.

Regardless of your present level of strength, our trainer will help you to choose an appropiate resistance to safely and successfully develop your muscles fitness.

Fortunately, young and old, males and female experience silimar strengths benefit from  training in a sensible and systematic manner under the guidance of our personal trainer.

The guidance for improving your strength fitness are relatively simple to understand and apply under our trainer supervision.

Example of basic strength exercise

A basic program of strength fitness exercise should follow these training procedures:

  1. Perform a minimum of 8 to 10 strength exercise involving the major muscle groups.
  2. Train at least 2 days per week.
  3. Perform a minimum of one set of strength exercise for each major muscle group.
  4. Use a resistance that permits 8 to 12 repetitions to the point of near muscle fatigue.
  5. Perform each repetition at a moderate to slow movement speed.
  6. Perform each repetition through a full movement range.
  7. Breathe continuosly throughout each set of exercise.

Progress to Intermediate Program

Whether you perform one, two or three sets of strength exercises, at some point you will stop making progress and experience a strength plateau.

The first thing our trainer will consider in overcoming your strength plateau is a change in your training exercises. Your muscles are very adaptives and they may become so accustomed to a particular exercise that it no longer provides an effective training stimulus.

For example, if you are not improving in sholder presses, our trainer will substituting it lateral raises. Although both exercises target the deltoid muscles, the different movement patternsinvolve different muscles fiber activation and elicit different training response.

The second thing to consider in overcoming a strenght plataeu is an increase in your training intensity. That is, making each set of exercises more productive by increasing the training demands. For example, you may complete 10 biceps curls with a 15kg dumbbells but find your biceps muscles are too fatigued to perform an 11th repetition. Quickly set down the 15kg dumbbell, pick up a 10kg dumbbells, and do as many additional repetitions as possible. By immediately performing a few lower resistance biceps curls, you can force your muscles to a deeper levelof fatigue and stimulate a better training response.

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